Parts of speech in english grammar

Parts of speech in english grammar

           Parts of Speech

Deff:- All the words of english have been divided into 8 parts according to its use & function it is called parts of speech.

here are as following:-










             Basic Definition

(1)Noun:- Noun is the name of person, place, thing,animals etc


Noun is a naming word.


Noun is the name of all things,anything, everything.

         Ex:- Mohan,Delhi ,Spoon


(2)Pronoun:- Pronoun is a word that comes at the place of a Noun in a sentence.


Pronoun is a replacing word.

     Ex:- Radha is a girl and she is tall.


3)Adjective:- Adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or pronoun.


Adjective is a Qualifier.


Adjective is a qualifying word.

Ex:- She is a tall girl.


(4)Verb:-An action is called verb.


       Verb is a doing word

Ex:- He is running.

(5)Adverb:- Adverb is a word that modifies the meaning of verb in a sentence.


Adverb is a modifying word.

Ex:- He speaks slowly.


  She comes quickly.


(6)Preposition:- Preposition is a word that comes before  noun or a pronoun & Shows a relation in a sentence.


reposition is a relating word.


Ex:-on,at,upon, to,for etc

Ex:- He is waiting for you.

(7)Conjunction:- Conjunction is a joining word.


word which joins two words or sentence is called conjunction.

Ex:-Bread and butter is my breakfast.

(8)Interjection:- Interjection is a word that shows sarrow(गम),Happiness (खुशी),Contempt(घीरना),praise (प्रशंसा) in a sentence is called interjection.

Ex:- Oh: She is dead.


    Hurrah! we won the match.Ò





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