Wordpress Dashboard guide

Introduction of WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard: WordPress Dashboard is a platform where we can manage our website. to build a website we have to log in WordPress dashboard. 

For the Access WordPress dashboard, we need to log in

User ID and password have been given during the installation of WordPress.

The main component of the WordPress dashboard 

  • Post:  with the help of the post option can write a post or publish we can also manage all blog post. We can add a new post or delete the old post.
  • Page:  Similarly, click on the page option to add a new page or delete The old page.
  • The plugin option helps us to add new features. for the form page, we have to install the form 7 plugin. we can upload or add a new plugin or as well as we can delete the old plugin too.
  • Menus:  With help of this option we can create different types of menus for the top menu, header menu, or footer menu.
  • Theme Editor: To edit codes we have to click menu theme editor, it helps us to add or remove or modify any HTML, CSS, PHP, codes

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