How to write letter writing

How to write letter writing ?

                   Letter writing

Def:- letter writing is an art in your life time ,you can be asked any where,any day to write a good letter,so having the knowledge of writing a letter is good.

Intro:- letter was having a great value in old age,It has been a source of communication for a long time, since century,it was used primary there was a pictorial letter.

There are two types of letters .

(1) Personal letter (informal)

(2) Business letter (Formal)

Personal letter:- A letter which is written to members of the family,  relatives, and acquaintances is called personal letter.

Social letter:- A letter which is written to the office/ Municipal corporation/ industries firm’s/ companies/ paper/ magazine etc is called social letter.

Rule for writing a good letter.

1.Have a white page.

2.It should be A4 size.

3.Fold the page into 4parts

4.Leave the left margin full.

5.Letter should be in conversational style.

6.Letter should be in sequence. (सजा हुआ)

7.Avoid cacography (bad writing)

8.Use calligraphy (good writing)

9.No Grammatical mistakes

10.Have a signature at last.

11.Paragraph from same point.

12.Don’t use hard & tough words.

13.Careful about punctuation.





3.Body of the letter

4.Complimentary close





White house

21 mar 2020


My Dear Father,

How are you, I am fine here by grace of God and I hope you would be hail and hearty, The shower of your blessing is ever with me.



As you know my exam-

ination is at hand and I am— –————————————————————————————————————————–


Now what I write more!

Say my pranam/ Salam to the elders!

Convey my love to the children!


-Your lovingly

-Your Truly

-Your affectionately


-Signature (Real)






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