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Best Video Editing Apps :-  When it comes to video editing, everyone wants to know how to edit my video from my smartphone, and how to make videos like movies.  If you read this article well, till last you will get knowledge of very good video editing. In this post today, we are going to talk about some of the Top Video Editor Apps with which you will be able to edit video from your Smartphone and give a very attractive look to your video.

Are Video Editing Apps free?

First of all, we will talk about whether Video Editing apps are free, then I will tell you that without investment you can edit the video but in it Watermark comes, so that one knows where a video has been edited,  Which does not make much difference in your video. You can edit very good videos with Watermark

Which are best content or watermarks?

Watermarks do not matter in any video’s content Because to improve anything, the right content and Quality video is needed, not Watermark, you can edit your video, With Watermark and can also earn good money by uploading to you tube,

Gain knowledge, and create a base.

If you are new, then I would suggest that you gain knowledge first. Most of the things that do not run after Paid things are available to you for free, you use them and increase your online earning.

With which you will make the application to create a base, then when the money starts coming, then you use Paid Apps.

1 Kine master (video editing aap)


Best Video Editing Apps:- Kine Master is a very easy and popular video editing app in which you can add video, image and audio, and get different layers to import the video on the timeline so that you can make your video very well  Can edit and modify from The most important thing in kine master is that you can edit green screen with it, meaning it has a lot of advance leval  croma edit option,

Which is not available on most Video Editing Android Apps. With this, you get a lot of effects, transactions, it is not as powerful as Desktop Computer, but you can better edit it with the help of this app.

Paid Features

If you pay $ 4.99 / Month, then you get a lot of features that make your video editing easy.  You get limited features only when you use it for free.

Kine master Download Link here :-Download



 2- Power Director (Video Editing apps)

Today most people who work on YouTube prefer to use Power Director, because its intrerface is very simple and User Friendly. Director is one of the very popular video editing to do video editing. In Power director you can adjust your video very well and it also gets a lot of effects and transaction.  With which you can give a professional type look to use in your video.


Power director is a paid application but you can also edit it for free, but if you pay it something, then you get some extra features.

Power Director Download Link: –


FilmoraGo is also a software for video editing, from which you can edit video from a computer, and also application so that you can do very good video editing in smart phone itself, mostly you tuber is using FilmoraGo,

You can add music, you can add transitions and many more that you can do on your videos. When you use filmora, you get a lot of Edit Tools in it, and you can trim and copy paste your video easily, you also get a lot of Stickers in it, which you can easily for free  will be able to use FilmoraGo is also available on Android App which is totally free.


Filmora Go download Link: 

Quik (Video Editing App)

With the help of Quik Video Editing aap, you can edit videos in very working hours, in this application, everything that should be in a Video Editing App.  There are a lot of Edit Tools available, so you can easily add Trim, Crop and Musics to your video.


 In this app you can edit by adding more than 50 images and videos at a time.  And many transactions and effects will be found, from which you can add to your normal video.

 Quik download Link here: –


 Free Video Editor (Video Editing App)

Free Video Editor app is known by the name, that a video editing app is absolutely free With which you can add Cut, Trim, paste and Music to your video and image and with this you get a lot of effects and transactions. You can also add Emoji and Text to Video.


With this application you can take your basic knowledge.  Most begners start their editing from this app, and then edit the video using the advance app.

Free video editor app: –

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