What is conjunction and how many types of conjunction?

  • What is conjunction and how many types of conjunction?


What is a conjunction?

:- Conjunction are words that are used to join other words or parts of a sentence.

Conjunction is a word that joins/connects two words, phrases or clauses together you can use a conjunction to link words,phrases, and clauses.

Note:- and,or,because, so,but,while,for.

Ex:- I like to read and write.

It began to rain while I was going to school.

Iam thirsty.I don’t have water.(×)

I am thirsty but I don’t have water.

Q.How many types of conjunction in english grammar?

Ans:- There are three types of conjunction.

Coordinating conjunction
Subordinating conjunction
Correlative conjunction

1.Coordinating conjunction:- For,and,nor,but,or,yet,so

(Famous Acronym)


For:- We listened eagerly for he brought news of our families.

And:- She didn’t speak to anyone and nobody spoke to her.

Nor:- I don’t expect children to be rude nor do I expect to be disobeyed.

But:- They rushed to the hospital,but they were too late.

Or:- I will go shopping or I will go camping.

Yet:- kelly was a convicted criminal,yet many people admired him.

So:- I was feeling hungry so I made myself a sandwich.

2.Subordinating conjunctions

1.Comparison:- Than,Rather,than,As much as,whereas

2.Time:- After, As soon as,Until, whenever, Now,that

3.Concession:- Though,Although, Even though,

4.Relative pronouns:- Who,whoever,whom,who never,whose.

5.Reason:- Because, since, so that,In order(to)As

6.Condition:- If,only if,unless,provided that,Assuming that.

7.Place:- Where,wherever

8.Relative Adjectives:- That,whatever,which, whichever

9.Manner:- How,as though,as if

3.Correlative conjunctions:-

1.Both….and:- The company deals in both hardware and software.

2.Either….or:- I will eat either carrots or peas for dinner.

3.Neither…nor:- Natalie,likes neither milk nor cream cake.

4.Whether…or:- Do you care whether we have noodles or rice for dinner.

5.Not only…but(also):- He not only studies hard but also work well.

6.Such…that:- It’s such a tiny kitchen that I don’t have to do much to keep it clean.

7.Scarcely…when:- Scarcely had she entered the room when the phone rang.

8.No sooner…than:- No sooner did he enter the room than he saw a snake.

It is very important part of parts of speech

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