What is Preposition and how many types of preposition

What is Preposition and how many types of preposition



Position:- जगह

Q. What is preposition?

:- एैसे शब्द जाे noun या pronoun का दुसरे जो शब्द है sentence में उनसे relation बताएें ।

Ex:- I am in the class .

Preposition के अंदर आपको mainly तीन बाताे का ज्ञान हाेता है तीन तरह की बातें आपको पता चलती है।

Time (समय)

Q.How mainy kinds of preposition?

Preposition is divided into five categories.

Simple preposition
Formed preposition
Compound preposition
Phrase preposition
Participle prepositions

1.Simple preposition:- After, at,by,down,far,from, in,near,of,off,on,out,over,

Since, than,through, till,to,under,up,with etc

2.Formed preposition:- About, across, along, around, before, behind, below,beneath, beside, between, inside, into,towards, upon, outside, with in, without, etc.

3.Compound preposition:-

Along with, in between, as for,out of,from behind, up to,from.

4.Phrase preposition:- By means of,by virtue of, for the sake of,in accordance with, in place of,in reference to, in regard to,in spite of,in the event of,etc

5.Participle preposition:- Concerning, considering, excepting,regarding etc.

     Preposition part-2


Direction(दिशा):- किसकी अाेर जा रहा है।


Ex:-I am going to school.

I am going to delhi.

She is coming to me.


I want to speak.

Iwant to meet you.


Difference between To and Towards

I am going to school.

I am going towards school.

To (confirm)

Towards (not confirm)



  • As an infinitive (Purpose – मकसद)


Ex:-He wants to meet you.

They come here to play.

We earn money to live.



  • Limit/ ending point/ period


Ex:-The petrol price rise up to 80रुl.

We work 9 to 6,monday to saturday


जब काेइ चीज किसी की तरफ से आ रही हाेती है ?


  •  कही काे जा रही हो तो (To)
  • कही से आ रही हो ताे (from)


Ex:- I am from delhi.

    At       In       On       By     For
Home The morning Mondays….. Car A walk
Work The afternoon The weekend Train A change
School 1978 Monday morning…. Ship An hour…
The Airport March Wednesday evening…. Plan Two days….
University The (spring) The birthday Sea Three weeks…
5 o’clock The (summer) Holiday Land Two months…
Night The (winter) Time Underground Five years..
Noon The 1980 Chrismas day (Him,her) Breakfast
Midnight A minute/second New year day Next Lunch
Midday An hour/two hour Week Dinner
The top Two days Next
The bottom Bed Month
The party Hospital Next year
The moment The picture



  • “Origin” काे दिखाने के लिए(from)


Ex:- This train travels from Mumbai to Goa.

I am from delhi.

This is from my side.

This letter is from the principal.



  • Clause (कारण)


Ex:- He died from heart attack.

She is suffering from fever.

Unfortunately even in 12th century people die from hunger.


Ex:- A beautiful white bird is flying over the lake.

Ex:-With an umbrella over my head.

:-I put my hand over my ears.


  • किसी Number age या Amount बताने के लिए।


Ex:-He won the election with over 2million votes.




:-Higher level काे दिखाने के लिए जाे contact या touch में ना हाे।

Ex:-His house is situated above the sea level.

Can you raise your hand above your hand?


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