Voice- Active & passive voice

Voice- Active & passive voice



Active:- A sentence is said to be in active, where subjects does any work & it depends upon tense.  Ex:- He eats food.

Passive– A sentence which not depend upon tense. where work is done by any agent/doer is called passive.

Ex:-Bread is eaten by you.


Passive पहचानने का तरीका।

  • यह object से start हाेता है
  • इसमें v3 पाया जाता है।
  • V3 के बाद by लगता है।
  • इसका structure tense के


structure से tally नही करता है।


  • Rules for Passive

What are the rules of active and passive voice

1.The object of active should be the subject of passive.


2.The subject of active  should be the object of passive


3.Generally, we use “V3” in passive.4

.After “v3” we use “By”

  1. 5. Follow the structure of passive.

         Present indefinite

Id:- V+ता है/ती है/ते है।



Active:- A

Passive:- P

Ex:- वह मुझे बुलाता है।

Active:- He call me

P:- I am called by him.

Ng-I am not played by him.


A:-They play cricket

P:-Cricket is played by them.


       Present continuous Tense

Id:- रहा है/ रही है/रहे है।




Ex:-He is teaching me -A

I am being taught by him-P


          Present Perfect Tense

Id:-V+चुका है/चुकी है/चुके है।

यी है/या है/ये है







Ex:-तुमने यह काम किया है।-A

You have done it.-A

It has been done by you-P


Ex:-She has cooked food.-A

Food has been cooked by


 Present perfect continuous Tense

Id:-रहा है/रही है।रहे है।with time

Note:-इस tense का passive नही होता है।यह old है।

Past indefinite tense

Id:-V+या/ये/यी/ता था/ती थी/ते थे


Str:-S+v2+obj – Active

O+was/were+v3+by+S – P


Ex:- He called me. active

-I was called by him. passive



Ng:-I was not called by him.


      Past continuous tense

Id:-V+रहा था/रही थी/रहे थे।





Ex:-He was telling a story.-A

A story was being told by me.(Passive)

        Past perfect tense

Id:- V+चुका था/चुकी थी/चुके थे।

V+या था/यी थी/ये थे।





Ex:-She had in invited us-A

We had been invited by her.


    Past perfect continuous


Note:-इस tense का passive

नही होता है।


      Future Indefinite tense

Id:-V+गा/ गे/ गी

Str:-S+shall/will+v1+obj- A



Ex:-He will start a business.


A business will be started

by him. (Passive)


     Future Continuous Tense

Id:-V+ता रहेगा/ती रहेगी/ते रहेगें।

V+रहा हाेगा/रही हाेगी/रहे हा्गे।






Note:-इस tense का passive नही हाेता है।

Future Perfect

Id:-V+या हाेगा/यी हाेगी/ये हाेगें।

चुका हाेगां/चुकी हाेगीं/चुके हाेगें।





V3+by+sub (passive)


Ex:-He will have taken tea.


Tea will have been taken by him. (Passive)


Future perfect continuous


Note:-इस tense का passive नही होता है यह  structure है।

(Exception of Passive)

(Imperative sentence)


Def:-A sentence which has

order/ request/ Advice is called imperative sentence.



  • Imperative sentence start with “main verb”

इसमें subject छिपा हाेता है।

 Passive बनाने के नियम।

(1).  If there is an order on imperative sentences we should follow these structures.


(You are ordered to…..)



Ex:-यह काम करते  – Do it.


:-You are ordered to do it.

:-Let it be done.



Ex:-Bring a chair- Active

:-you are ordered to bring a chair.

:-Let a chair be brought.


(2).If there is Request,Please

Kindly we should follow

this structure.

(You are requested to…..)


Note:-Please/kindly को हटा देते है।

Ex:-Please come here.Active

You are requested to come here.-Passive


Ex:-Kindly shut the door.


You are requested to shut the door.- (Passive )


(3)If there is advice (सलाह)

we should follow this structure.

(You are advised to……..)



Ex:-Help the poor.- Active


You are advised to help the

poor .

The poor should be helped.


(4)Sentence with Don’t (मत)

Don’t +V+obj – Active

Let+0+not+be+v3 – Passive

(You are asked not+0+…)-A

(You are prohibited to+..)-P

(You are forbidden to+…)-P

Note:- Don’t is removed

Ex:-Don’t take tea. – active

Ex:- Let tea not be taken.

:-You are asked not to take


:-you are prohibited to take


:-you are forbidden to take tea.

(5)If myself/Yourself/himself/

Ourself/themself comes

as an object there is no

passive of this sentence.


:-क्युकि ये Reflexive object या

Reflexive pronoun है। अाैर

इसका passive नही हाेता है।


Ex:-He killed himself.-A

Himself was killed by him.×

(No passive)








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