Basic of website development -How to build website

Basic of website development

Hello, Gays today I am very happy to tell you that because I am going to start a website development series that will help to build your website,  This is 1st lesson on website development and in this lesson, you are going to learn some basics of website development. The aim of this website development series that we shall learn and with the help of the website we shall make money too.

And trust me if you learn this website development skill, you are going to rock on the internet. I will try my best to make you understand each and everything.

therefore, let’s start with what is a website.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages that all are connected to the internet.   A web page can contain any type of information, and it can include text, color, graphics, animation, and sound that is identified by a common domain name. For example,,,

The world of information 

This is an era of information technology every query our information available on google, we have to just type on google and after that, we shall have information of that particular thing, this is how the website helps us. All information that is available on google must be connected to a website.

Everything is being digitized. one click or answer is ready, in the most direct sense, in order to find anything on the internet we often require a website.

Now, what is a good thing that I am going to tell you that is with the help of a website we can upload and write anything on the internet.


How can build a website?

  1. Programming language or Coding
  2. WordPress

If we talk about programming language You will have to study these programming languages to build your website.

Top 5 Programming languages for Web development

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. Python

Sometimes we don’t have much more time to learn coding or Coding can be hard for an untechnical student but we have also a solution and, in this lesson, we are going to learn website deployment without coding

If you don’t have time to learn this programming language here don’t need to worry, we have another option that is WordPress we can do the same thing we the help of WordPress

WordPress: With the help of WordPress, we can also build a website where we don’t need coding skills or programming language, what is a good thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to understand or customize anything.

Why should we create a website on WordPress?

Basic of website development

  • Essay to learn: Website creation on WordPress is very easy to learn or understand this is not as complicated as programming.
  • Save Time: We can save our time because with help of coding if that project takes 30-minute, throw WordPress we can do the same project in 5 min.
  • No Need Coding Skills: Here we don’t need to learn to code, we can create a website without skills of coding and it is a very good thing of WordPress.
  • WordPress is free software: This is one of the best reasons that we should create a website on WordPress Yes, we don’t need to pay anything it is open-source software.
  • Easy to customize: we can customize our website just drag and drop we don’t need to take too much pressure.
  • We can build any type of website on WordPress.

The purpose of website building 

In the most direct sense, I would like to tell you that you must have a clear idea of what you want to build you first need to decide on why are you building a website. Are you expanding the accessibility of your business? Do you want to show your skills and work to enhance your employability? are you creating a community around a certain topic/issue?  

Even in order to earn money, this can be also a reason to build a website. 


In the most direct sense, Your website never sleeps. You could be on vacation, taking a nap, spending time with your loved ones, or traveling across the world. But your website will never ever sleep. if you set everything correctly.

The top reason you need to build a website.

  1. Personal/Portfolio

If you want to showcase yourself on google or are you a creative individual or a person who has a lot to say? Then you seriously need your own website. and if you are any kind of artist, you can host your body of your work, and if you are a student you can put your resume.

These websites are usually one or few pages, containing specific mixed media information. There are even platform like about me “instant” personal websites with literally a little information about yourself.

  1. Professional/Business 

if you have any kind of product or if you want to sell anything, therefore, the website helps you a lot to reach your product out of the many people. A website can increase your conversation rate. Even if you are just a local business, you would be surprised with how many people are engaging with what you have. if you want to grow your business, you must expand online.

  1. E-Commerce 

in order to sell anything online, you need to build an E-commerce website. these are websites that must have buy or refund Pages. in order to buy anything they need to trust your website that’s why more importantly images or videos related to the product must have on your website. basically, these are websites built for selling something online. like www. 

  1. Communication/ Forum

These are the website that users can interact with each other. they are some form of massage where users can discuss the topic by posting it can be a multimedia blog where anyone can post or chat with friends or others.  

  1. The Blog

This is a very popular format for websites, The word blog is derived from “web blog” which is ”  a website that consists of a series of updated new information about particular topics.” you are reading this article on a website that this website kinds of blog website 




Basic of website development

There are two main components of the website

Before building a website we have to understand two basic components, and that is domain and hosting

    1. Domain – Name of the website
    2. Hosting – Place where can store our data, it can be music. image, video, text, color, graphics, animation, and sound.

Basic of website development

  • Domain: A Domain is the address of your website on the internet. and this is called the name of the website, This is what user types on their browsers bar to access any website. basically, the domain is your website name.

       in the most direct sense, in order to build a website, a domain is often required. A domain name is what you enter into the address bar of your websites,            Like or www. or any other website that you can think of. Domain names have to be purchased.

  • Hosting: Web hosting is your house where all website fill can be store. A Place where data can store. it can be music. image, video, text, color, graphics, animation, and sound.

Basic of website development

Where we can buy a domain or hosting?

I personally recommend you for the domain you should buy from Godaddy or hosting buy from HostGator link is given below

For Domain: Godaddy

For Hosting  Hostgator 

Basic of website development

Top-Level Domain 

If You are from India so you should choose .com or .in  like our domain name is or\

Basic of website development

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