What is Interjection and how many types of interjection in english grammar?

What is Interjection and how many types of interjection in english grammar?



Deff:- An interjection are used express,sudden feelings or emotions that originate due to sudden ,joy,grief,surprise, approval etc.

Such words or phrases are followed by an exclamation mark (!)


:-अचानक हुई किसी घटना से मन की भावनाओं का व्यकत हाेना जैसे खुशी या दुख प्रकट करना,हैरान हाेना,शाबाशी देना आदी इनके अंत में विसमयादिबाेधक चिंह(!) लगाया जाता है।



  • Types of Interjection


:-Interjection is divided into following types on the basis of way to express interjection in the sentence such as


  • Joy
  • Grief
  • Surprise
  • Approval/praise
  • Mistake




  • Expression of “joy”



Hurrah!,Great! Wow! Thanks a lot ! etc.



  • Expression of “Grief”


Oh my God!, So sorry!

What a tragedy!,How tragic!,Oh no!,How sad!



  • Expression of “surprise”


What!, Oh my God!,My Goodness!,Amazing!, Fantastic!, Wow!,Is it!.



  • Expression of “Consent/ Approval/Praise”


Bravo!,Please!, Certainly!, True!,Well done!,etc



  • Expression of “mistake”


Oh!,Oops!,My God!,No!,Shit! etc



God bless you!

भगवान आपको आशीर्वाद दें।


Wow! Wonderful!

वाह! गजब!, बहुत बदिया!


By God’s grace!

भगवान की दया से!


How dare he!

उसकी इतनी हिम्मत!


Incredible! Awesome!

बहुत जबरदस्त!


Touch wood! Finger crossed!

नज़र न लगे!


Sure why not! Of course!

जरुर! क्याे नही! पकका!


Thank God!

भगवान का शुक्र है।


What a news!

क्या खबर है।



बधाई हो।


Really! Is it!

सच में!


Terrible mistake!

बहुत बड़ी गलती।

Interjection part-2


:-An interjection is a part of speech is used to express emotion or sudden bursts of feelings.


Punctuation mark:-( ! , ? “)


Ex:-Hurrah! We won the match.



  • Part of interjection


1.Greeting (मिलने ससय)

2.जॉय (खुशी)

3.Approval (सहमत, रज़ामंदी)

4.Attention (अकरशित करना)

5.Surprise (हैरान,अचमभव)

6.Sorrow (दुख,गम,अफ़सोस)


Examples of Interjection.


  • ” New Delhi is the capital of …er…India.”
  • “Hmm, I am not sure about that.”
  • “Alas, my funds have some limitations.”
  • “Ah, What a lovely baby.”
  • ” Oh no! Did I leave my keys in the car.”
  • “Oops! Almost spilled the coffee.”
  • ” Aw, its a shame,I can’t make it.”
  • ” Orch! That really hurts.”
  • ” Er! This apple is rotten.”
  • “Oh! What a nice view.”
  • ” Oh! I did not see you.”
  • “Ouch! The wound is paining. “
  • “Shh! Quite.”
  • “Oops! I broke the pen.”
  • “Whew! I can’t believe I ate the whole pizza.”



This is last part of interjection ,it is very important for spoken english and writing skills .


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