What is Modals and how many types of modals?

What is Modals and how many types of modals?


Q.what is Modals?

:- Modals are those helping verbs which tell about the mode of main verb.



  • Characteristics:-



1.They never change their form you can’t add “S”, “Ing”, ” Ed etc


2.They tell about actions like:-


  • Ability
  • Permission
  • Power
  • Possibility
  • Request
  • Willingness



3.They are always used with main verb.


4.They are not affected by No of subject and gender.


Modals:- Can, Could, May, Might, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must, Need

Ought To, Used To, Dare



  • Use of Modals:-


To Express:-


  • Ability
  • Permission
  • Obligation
  • Prohibition
  • Lack of Necessity
  • Advice
  • Possibility
  • Probability



[Command,Request, Permission, Probability, Obligation]


[Shall,Will,Must,Might, May,Can,Could,Would, Need, Ought to]




Ex:-Students must come in uniform.

The state shall provide free education to children.

You will reach office tomorrow at 10 AM.



[Can,Could, Will, Would, May]

Ex:-Can I have one glass water?

Could you help me please.

Will you go there for me.

Would you like to have some juice.

May I see Mr Gupta.

May I come in madam.



    (Can,Could, May)

Ex:-Can I leave now?

Could I use it now?

May I come in?



(Shall,will,must,may,might,Can,Could, Should, Would, Ought to)


Anybody can mistake.

The road could be blocked.

The clouds are dark,so it may be rain.



(Should, ought to, must,has to, have to, had to)

Ex:-you should work hard for best marks.


You ought to serve your parents.


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