What is noun and how many types of noun?

What is noun and how many types of noun?



  • On the basis of Structure


1.Single Noun:- A single Noun is a Noun which is made of a single


Ex:- Boy, Father,etc

2.Compound Noun:- A Noun which is made of two or more than two words is called compound Noun.

Ex:- Father-in-low



  •  Two types of Compound 



Compound noun with Hyphen

:-वैसा compound noun जिसमे hyphen लगा हाेता है।

Ex:- Father-in-low


Compound noun without hyphen: A compound noun which does not have hyphen is called compound noun without hyphen.



  • Counting के आधार पे


Countable Noun:- A noun which can be counted is called countable noun .

Ex:- House, Mobile, Boy

Uncountable Noun:- A noun which can not be counted is called uncomfortable


Ex:- Water, Honey, Rice



  • Countable noun दाे प्रकार के हाेते हैं।


(1) Singular countable noun:- A noun which is one number is called singular countable noun.

Ex:- Boy, Girls

(2)Plural countable noun :- A noun which

    is more than one is called plural countable noun.

Ex:- Boy , Girls



  • On the basis of gender noun 


            (1)Masculine gender Noun :– A noun indecuting the male category is called masculine gender noun.

Ex:- Boy , Man 

(2) Female gender noun:- A noun show the female category is called female gender noun.

Ex :- Girl , women

(3) Common gender noun:- A noun Which shows the either male category or female category is called common gender noun.

Ex:-  Student, Teacher

(4) Neuter gender Noun :- A noun which

     is non living thing is called Neuter 

       gender noun.

Ex:- Bench , Chair etc

(5) Third gender Noun :- A Noun which

      has both characteristic of  male &

     Female is called third gender.

Ex:- Eunuch , Womanish

(20) Inseparable Noun :- A noun which always remain in pair its one part never

 Separates from another it is called

 Inseparable Noun.

Ex:- Trousers, Spectacles, Pants,Goggles

Noun :- Naming word

Pronoun:- Replying word

Adjective:- Qualifying word

Verb:- Doing word

Adverb:- Modifying word

Preposition:- Relating word

Conjunction:- Joining word

Interjection:- Exclaiming




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