Wi-Fi free apk

Wi-Fi free Apk

WiFi You – your free WiFi key! is an app that shows you a list of WiFi networks around you to connect to them or manage them anyway you want. With just one tap, you can seamlessly switch connections between one or another.

Wifi you free hacking apk

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Thanks to WiFi You – your free WiFi key!, you can avoid going over on your data plan and find free networks with a simple scan. Watch videos online, listen to your favorite music, or do anything else you want without wasting a single megabyte of data.

This app also works as a simple network booster so your friends can connect to any of the WiFi networks you use, without having to move closer to the router. Also, this app is able to analyze each and every network it detects and create a detailed analysis that lets you identify safe connections. With just one click you can connect and start surfing the Internet safely and for free.

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