Is It Safe To Install Third-Party Applications & to click Suspicious Links?

What Happens if You Click on A Suspicious Link?

it can be a phishing page and can store your data like personal information, credit and debit card information

What is a Third-Party Application?

The application which is not downloaded from the right owner or play store 

Should I Avoid Third-Party Apps And Files?

YES! The best way to Protect Your Device From Malware and viruses is not to install any application that is not uploaded on the play store. Play store is a trusted platform that is secure.

If you need any application, install it from the play store, don’t use any cracked software or download from an unauthorized platform.

Hacking is a powerful skill. On the other hand, it is dangerous for those who are not aware of cybercrime or cyber threats. Install Third-Party Applications & click Suspicious Links are dangerous for personal data. 


What can be hacked if you install any third-party application?

Manager :







-> Monitor :

 Live screen

 Live Camera

 online/offline Keylogger

 Live Microphone 

 Live Location

-> Tools :

 Call Number

 Download/install Apk 

Show Toast 

Get/Set Clipboard 

Open the Link in Browser 

Run Shell

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