Science is Boon or Bane (विज्ञान अभीसाप है वरदान) )

Science is Boon or Bane (विज्ञान अभीसाप है वरदान) 

   Science is Boon or Bane

In my opinion science is a boon or bane both because it depends on us ,How we use it.I

f we used in the right way then it is a boon for us.

But when we used in a wrong way then it is a bane for us.

Firstly I want to discuss boon:-

Science is a most essential past of human life.It gives many things like Mobile, computer, internet,Refrigerator etc.It’s become our life very easy

It has given us all the things of comfort & luxurious.

Science has made the impossible things into possible.

Today a blind can see and a deaf can hear with the help of science.

It has changed the face of the world.

We live in the modern era

and we can’t

live our lives without the support of modern science.


Science gives many things due to these invention we face many problem such as- refrigerator a CFC (chloro floro carbon) gas is used -which effect ozon layer and makes hole in ozon layer.

It is a bane because it makes lazy to all people because of every thing they depend on the machine only.

science helps us fight against harmful diseases but it also creates harmful disease like screen cancer etc.

Nuclear Bombs are given by science which can destroy a full city.


So we can say that it is boon as well as a bane.It depend Upon us. How to use it.

Science is like a knife , it can be used for cutting vegetable even madder.



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